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10 PR Influencers to Follow on Twitter

April 9, 2015 Bradford Group Administrator

Twitter InfluencersContrary to my 17-year-old self, who absolutely (and unfortunately) thought otherwise, social media is far more than a platform to indulge in my every rudimentary thought, complaint or favorite song lyric.


Thankfully, as I’ve matured, so has my perception on the use and value of social media. It’s undeniably a strategic tool for inbound marketing, lead generation and brand awareness. (For more on this, check out one of my previous blog posts.) But even more than a megaphone to shout your company’s expertise and internal thought leadership, it’s an aggregate forum for learning. Social media effectively concentrates the world’s experts and leaders at your fingertips and lets us all listen to best practices and insights.


By following and interacting with the right influencer, you have grade-A access to wise and adept industry professionals you otherwise may never be able to reach. In PR and marketing, this well runs deep. To skim the surface, here are 10 PR influencers you should follow on Twitter:


  1. HubSpot, @HubSpot: I’m not just saying this because we’re a certified HubSpot partner. The brains behind the inbound marketing powerhouse are constantly feeding useful digital marketing insight.


  1. Dave Delaney, @davedelaney: Founder of Future Forth, a Nashville-based (Woo!) LinkedIn consulting company, Dave Delaney knows his social media. Follow Dave for expert insight into LinkedIn, Twitter, B2B marketing and more.


  1. Gini Dietrich, @ginidietrich: Gini is the author behind Spin Sucks and a regular curator of media relations tips and tactics that drips regularly through her Twitter feed.


  1. Mark Ragan, @MarkRaganCEO: Ever heard of PRDaily? Mark Ragan is the CEO of Ragan Communications, which publishes PRDaily and a slew of other marketing gems. This man knows his stuff.


  1. David Meerman Scott, @dmscott: David’s penned a few – or 10 – books on marketing effectiveness, including The New Rules of Marketing and PR. He’s chock-full of great information.


  1. Ann Handley, @MarketingProfs: Twitter verified with a blue checkmark, Ann is the author of Wall Street Journal best-selling book, Everybody Writes. Ann shares insight on quality content creation, marketing tactics and just about everything in-between.


  1. Brian Clark, @brianclark: The founder of, Brian is a go-to source on all things related to marketing content.


  1. Glen Gilmore, @glengilmore: Lawyer. Educator. Digital media strategist. Social media expert. Phew. No wonder Forbes named Glen a Top 50 Social Media Influencer. Need I say more?


  1. Kellye Crane, @KellyeCrane. An independent PR consultant, Kellye’s experience wearing all hats shines with best practices for crisis communications, email marketing, blogging and media relations applicable to freelancers, in-house and agencies pros alike.


  1. Jeff Domanksy, @ThePRCoach. International perspective is good for the soul –or PR perspective. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Jeff talks about everything from creating infographics to writing and grammar.


And, for a bonus – @theBradfordGrp! We kind of love tweeting about our industry and company happenings. Follow us!

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One comment on “10 PR Influencers to Follow on Twitter
  1. Dave Delaney says:

    Thrilled to be included in your list. Thanks a million, Meredith.

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